15 Awesome Rustic Wedding Sign DIY

There are two things that you can combine to come up with the most amazing decoration theme or pattern for a wedding. These two things are, the rustic décor theme and signs. Yes, signs! Using signs is a creative way to add some detail to wedding décor and at the same time, they are informative and helpful to those at the wedding. On the other hand, the rustic decoration theme is creative, unique and quite simple to achieve. So you can only imagine the beautiful and elegant outcome of mixing these two décor themes to make some amazing wedding décor.
You might be wondering where or how exactly you can use these two décor themes, well; here are some incredible ideas for you to try out. You can make some lovely signs using some rustic material such as wooden boards, wooden pallet or even wooden barrels. You can also use simple things to hold up the signs such as, placing them against the trees in the venue, placing them in wooden crates, hanging then on walls with a simple background color or even simply placing the signs on plain and simple looking wooden tables.
The key to achieve the rustic look on the signs is using boards that are simple colors such as, the natural wooden color or any other colors that can easily be associated with nature. And to write on the signs, you can use plain white paint or chalk on the darker colored wooden boards and use some darker paint or chalk on the lighter colored boards. The signs do not always have to have writings on them, but rather, you can have some simple drawings and paintings on them and still be able to accomplish the rustic look! Of course you can choose the style of the rustic signs so that they easy blend in or match the rest of the wedding décor that is present.