15 Creative Wedding Card Box DIYS

Have you ever wanted to unleash that creative and artsy side of you? Wedding card boxes are a great way to do so and at the same time, a great way to keep your wedding guests’ best wishes and cards in one place. This is your time to shine by making the wedding card boxes reflex the personalities and just as well match the décor theme of the rest of the wedding event. Because these card boxes keep such great messages and notes, why not make them look creative, friendly and unique whilst they serve their purpose.
To make and decorate the wedding card boxes, you do not necessarily have to use the usual material that everyone one else uses for theirs. You can us different material to make the card boxes such as wood, plastic, glass or even metal. For the wooden card boxes, you can make them look like wooden objects such as barrels, treasure boxes and secret vintage boxes. If you use plastic and glass, you can make some classy see through card boxes. For metal, you can make card boxes that resemble objects such as a letter box. You can also use simple boxes and baskets for the wedding card boxes. Best believe that you can find just about any material that will work well with the theme of your wedding décor whether it is rustic theme or spring theme.
Here is where your creative and arty side gets a chance to come out and shine. The decoration on the card box matters a great deal! This is where all the color and extra detail comes to play. Obviously, you have to ensure that the colors you use to decorate the card boxes mix well with the rest of the wedding décor colors and that they match with the wedding theme.