Winter Bridal Shoes 1

Winter is one of the best times for weddings. But, because of the weather and temperatures, the way you dress has got change in some way or the other. This includes the shoes that you get to wear. Obviously the bride has got to be well dressed and ready for the event accordingly from head to toe. When it comes to the toes bit, here are some shoe ideas for the bride to wear. Fur. Fur is automatically associated with winter and it bringing warmth. This is why, for the bride’s shoes, fur can be used. This will definitely keep her feet warm and look beautiful at the same time. Fur can be present both on the inside of the shoes and on the outside just as well. The next kind of shoes that the bride can wear is boots. To be more precise, ankle boots. These are quite attractive and will keep her feet warm just as well. The boots can be decorated with jewels and glitter, or can remain plain and simple, either way works perfectly. If the wedding is indoors, the bride can wear shoes that are more or less ordinary. As for the color of the bride’s winter wedding shoes, white works perfectly. Other colors such as crème and off white can also work with no problem. The shoes can have different kinds of detail on them. They can be covered in lace they can have string so they can be tired up and bowed up or they can have some pop of color with some golden or silver jewels and other little ornaments. The shoes can have some flowery or puffy décor on them so to make the quite unique. These ideas are great to try out for those with a winter wedding instore. [gallery size="full" columns="1" ids="]